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Shelf Labels

We offer the widest range of shelf labels available from budget paper to high performing polyester location labels. High definition print and protective coatings are ideal for busy and professional companies.

Focus on quality and attention to detail ensures our products are always the best available, correct in design and content to guarantee a return on investment for our customer. We believe firmly in ‘right first time’ every customer is different and budgets can be restrictive, so we promise to deliver the best shelf labels we can regardless.

Print technologies utilised are the most advanced available for variable data printing as well as the mix and grades of base materials we adopt.

We present shelf labels in the optimum format to aid installation, unless otherwise specified by our customer. Labels on rolls, on die cut sheets and as stacks of singles are typical and suit all installations that Rack and Shelf Labels (UK) Ltd have carried out over the years. Shelf labels are often a smaller version of our very popular rack labels.

Barcode definition is very important for performance and efficiencies in warehouses, particularly when handling fast moving goods. An operative needs to visit the location, scan the shelf label, pick the item and go. Poor print definition in a barcode lowers the level of performance, slowing the operative and can contribute to a reduction in pick levels.

It is equally important to use the best base materials available.

We are an advocate of polyester for shelf labels as well as other location labels. Polyester offers a stable base for the print and over time, the barcode doesn’t distort as can happen with vinyl, and because we use digital print they are less susceptible to fading.

Our label holders that attach to the face of shelves and racks are a great addition to shelf labels if your items and locations varying in size, quantity and location frequently. Label holders will help you keep a tidy edge to the shelf and reduce confusion because shelf labels can be placed within, slid along and removed when needed. No more sticky, dirty adhesive covered edges.