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Laminated Location Labels

Our premier warehouse location label is produced using tough materials, advanced laser print technology and permanent adhesives that combine maximum durability and performance - a necessity in today’s busy distribution centres.

We print mono (black on white) and full colour laminated location labels to customer specific designs or generic layouts which are tried and tested. Most customers differ in the way, what and how they store, and therefore our expertise and understanding is vast. We are able to provide a raft of recommendations to help you achieve a ‘standard-type’ or tailored warehouse identification system.

Variable data printing helps set us aside from other label manufacturers. Many companies print 200,000 identical labels everyday but when we print 200,000 labels each one is different from the other. Every barcode and eye readable data string is different from another because each laminated location label represents an individual address in the warehouse. This places Rack and Shelf Labels in a niche sector of the label production industry.

Laminated location labels are a 4 layer construction as follows:

  • Permanent adhesive,
  • Stable polyester base material,
  • High definition laser print,
  • Protective polyester laminate film.

We supply location labels in three formats which include stacks of singles, die cut printed sheets and on rolls. It is dependent on our customer’s preference and best practise for installation purposes.

Laser printed location labels offer a higher standard of print definition than other technologies which is an important factor in a busy environment where forklift truck drivers need to ‘scan-and-go’. Laser printing is also longer lasting than other methods which may fade over time. Also, printing on polyester means our labels do not distort like vinyl and paper alternatives.

Our barcode labels are systematically checked during production to ensure an immediate scan is achieved before going to site as well as for quality control and data checking.

Full colour print location labels have additional advantages over mono.They are more easily recognised when at distance and so are ideal for rack beam level ID. This helps improve efficiencies and maximise product investment.