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Thermal Transfer Location Labels

The thermal transfer location label is a cost effective solution for labelling any storage facility. They are often the ideal choice where budgets are restricted and where long term performance is a secondary consideration.

During production, barcodes are methodically checked to ensure an instant scan is achievable once the label is in position in the logistics environment. Thermal transfer location labels are available in a variety of colours and base materials to improve warehouse functionality, whilst keeping project costs to a minimum.

Thermal transfer location labels are perfect for leased properties and operations subject to large scale system changes in the near future.

Design, content and functionality is maintained with this type of warehouse location label; the significant difference is in the production method used and subsequent durability.

Thermal transfer location labels are utilised throughout the industry for many uses, including pallet labels, despatch labels, asset labels and for general production identification.

The relationship between these applications is temporary use and thermal transfer labels are exactly that.