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Warehouse Label Designs

There are several types of label designs for use in warehouses, so we have provided some common variations to help. They are as follows:

Rack Label:

This is a typical rack location label with eye readable reference, an arrow to indicate which position it is locating, a check digit with white characters on a black background and the barcode which holds content specific to the customers WMS which is often the location or the check digit.

Shelf Label:


Shelf location labels tend to be smaller derivatives of the rack location label, in this example you can see that the same content is used on a smaller label.

Split Base Label:


The split base rack location label design combines content for two locations which reduces cost from an installation perspective as only one label is applied, halving the time needed to install them, and material used. Content remains as per the customers need and can have all references needed thanks to our in-house design team.

VNA Beam Label Format:


Level G denoted by letter 'G' and the colour yellow.


Level F denoted by letter 'F' and the colour pink.


Level E denoted by letter 'E' and the colour blue.


Level D denoted by letter 'D' and the colour red.

Level C denoted by letter 'C' and the colour green.

Level A&B denoted by letters 'A' and 'B' and the colour purple for B and white for A.

Colour Upright Location Label:

Upright location labels are designed to work in conjunction with the VNA labelling format when a facility is using man-down forklift trucks.

These labels are produced from tough plastic to prevent vandalism and protection against pallet damage.

The upright label is attached to the rack upright column at a height necessary to achieve a scan whilst on an FLT or from the ground.









Mono Upright Location Label:

This is a mono print version of the colour upright location label. Some customers prefer not to use our colour coding system, which we also accommodate.

Base Beam Step Label:

Step labels are designed be applied to the base beam and provide location reference for the locations above. These are in place of the upright label when applying an upright is not possible and when a facility is using man-down trucks which prevents operatives achieving a scan.