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Initial Consultations

Formulating a location labelling specification can be one of the most confusing and labour intensive aspects of any warehouse project, yet the cost of a warehouse labelling solution makes up just a fraction of the total project budget.

Any mistakes made during the location labelling process can have disastrous consequences for a warehouse project as a whole, and the future success of the operation, so it is imperative that to get this ‘small’ part of your project right first time.

There are many factors and variants to consider when labelling a warehouse, for example:

  • What numbering system should be used?
  • Is there scope for future expansion or reconfiguration with the system I’ve chosen?
  • Is it compatible with our or a new warehouse management system?
  • Are barcodes required, If so, what type and quality?
  • Do the labels work with our scanning equipment?
  • Will they work with new barcode scanning equipment, in several years?
  • Should check digits be considered?
  • What are check digits and what effect will they have on accuracy levels?

These questions are a sample of the issues that you may need to address when considering the perfect location labelling system. At Rack & Shelf Labels we consider it our role to advise our customers on all of these subjects and more long before starting the project.