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We are starting the year with lots of on-line store and internal sales orders.

We can supply of our products all around the world, this week we are sending a number of orders throughout Europe as well as throughout the UK.

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Anti-Slip Floor Products

Our floor coating services and products are a combination of advanced self adhesive floor tapes, anti slip panels, tread panels and industrial coatings. Rack and Shelf Labels provide anti slip floor products because of demand from customers and synergy with other products in our portfolio.

  • Anti Slip Floor TapeAnti-Slip Floor Tape
  • Foot Markers
  • Anti-Slip Floor Tape
  • Cleats & Treads

Anti slip products are used around the warehouse and taken for granted by most that use them as a generic product. There are many types and each with its own unique construction to perform on various surfaces.

Rack and Shelf Labels anti slip range includes:
  • Abrasive anti slip tape,
  • Non-abrasive non-slip material – for use under bare feet and food prep areas,
  • Soft non-abrasive non-slip tape,
  • Anti slip feet and boot prints
  • Adhesive treads, plates and cleats,
  • Bolt-down anti slip plates, and
  • Primer coatings
  • Edge fix adhesive.

The products are available in a wide range of colours which make them visually intensive and can even be created with messages and safety advice. Bespoke designs may have extended lead times and minimum order restrictions.

Each product is designed to be used in specific environments but all are durable and suitable for use in and around the warehouse. If you have any questions about our anti slip floor products please contact us, otherwise you can find a stock range available on this website.