Pallet Markers

Pallet Markers provide a grid system for warehouse floors to identify where to store pallets and containers.

Pallet Markers can be purchased directly form our on-line store.

Pallet Markers

Warehouse Pallet Markers are designed to replicate line markings to show pallet locations on warehouse floors.

A popular option when permanent floor marking is not possible, our self adhesive markers are quick and easy to install, low cost and more durable than regular floor tape.

Pallet Markers are designed in various shapes which when combined form effective marking systems. They help to save you money because less material is used.

Pallet Marker Types:

  • + shape
  • T shape
  • L shape
  • Arrow
  • Dot

For the best results, we recommend that Pallet Markers are applied to smooth floors which have been thoroughly cleaned and dried. We can supply a special primer that enhances the strength of our self adhesive products.

Warehouse Floor Marking

We offer several methods of floor marking from industrial coatings to floor tape. Our floor tape range includes a superior strength material called Permastripe, a 1mm thick PVC based product with a self adhesive backing.

Pallet Markers are produced from a similar material which makes them the toughest self adhesive floor marking product available.

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