Internal Line Marking

Our qualified team will offer advice on the most suitable form of floor marking for your operation. The majority of projects that we deliver involve some element of floor preparation, though we offer a range of options.

Internal Line Marking Examples

Types Of Floor Preparation For Line Marking

The five main types of floor preparation for line marking that we offer are:

Shot Blasted

Preparing the concrete floor prior to applying a paint system is fundamental to the performance and longevity of the floor marking. Vacuum Shot blasting the floor involves using machinery to strip the smooth finish surface of the floor thus revealing a new roughened concrete surface that the paint can be applied, and will adhere to.

Shot blasting offers a relatively quick preparation process which is appealing to customers who have a busy working operations or a more restrictive budget making it our most popular floor preparation method.

Diamond Shaved

Diamond Shaved floor preparation is the most durable and hard wearing method that is available on the market. Our specialist machinery shaves the layers of concrete creating a 1mm-3mm channel using diamond cutting technology. This exposes fresh and untouched concrete and means that the paint can sit on or just below the surface of the floor itself.
Diamond shaved floor marking outperforms a shot blasted preparation over time as the lines are less vulnerable to damage.


Unprepared line and floor marking is the practise of applying a paint system to a concrete surface without prior preparation to improve adhesion.

The performance of this type of floor marking is limited, though it is still popular none the less. As it is less durable it can be altered or made more hard-wearing once the layout and operational flow of the facility is decided upon. Despite the name ‘unprepared’ we always make sure that the concrete is free from dirt, dust and debris before applying the paint.

Floor Tape

We can apply a number of floor tape options directly to a cleaned floor area. The types of tape include a standard vinyl tape and a more durable plastic option which has a stronger adhesive quality. Floor Tape offers flexibility, often with a shorter lifespan with a range of colour options.

Paint Systems

With all of the preparation methods we select the most appropriate paint system for your facility and warehouse traffic needs. We are not restricted to any one paint manufacturer or type and this gives us freedom to recommend the most suitable paint for your project. We select the most appropriate paint based on the parameters and demands of the environment in which they are to be installed.

Support and advice is provided during the progression of your project with layout drawings, product recommendations and delivery scheduling. We realise that our line marking services often form part of a bigger project, where this is the case or when it is a stand-alone job, we will work with you to deliver the project within deadlines.

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