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The comprehensive project delivery service from Rack & Shelf Labels (UK) Limited is the backbone to our exemplary reputation in the global logistics industry.

We divide our industry leading project management service into 3 key stages. Our customers can select from one or all of these services depending on their projects needs.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation service focuses on the needs and objectives of your project be it small or large. We complete a comprehensive audit which enables us to establish a detailed understanding of the project requirements.

Design & Planning

Our design and planning service has been meticulously developed over the years to ensure that any project issues and concerns are identified and dealt with as early as possible in order to prevent potential costly delays.


Our installation service affords many benefits to our customers including the experience needed to ensure accuracy and precision of installation.

The old adage that warehouse labelling is ‘just putting stickers on beams’ is a nice thought, but in reality, if just 10 of the 5,000, 10,000 or even 60,000 locations are placed incorrectly, the costs of rectification and delay can be considerable.

Internal & External Line Marking

Our qualified team will offer advice on the most suitable form of internal and/or external floor marking for your operation. The majority of projects that we deliver involve some element of floor preparation, though we offer a range of options. The five main types of internal floor preparation for line marking that we offer are: shot blasted, diamond shaved, unprepared, floor tape and paint systems.

We offer a selection of colours options and can install text, blocks, line and symbols for external line marking. Primarily use thermoplastic paint; our most popular external floor markings include zebra crossings, walkways, hatched areas, car parking bays, MHE areas, trailer bays and graphics.

Project Management Specialists

Our teams are IPAF certifiedCSCS compliant and fully insured as standard.

We remove the risks and project complexities so that our customers can focus on the bigger picture. We understand our installation service forms a key part of your service delivery, so we take our part very seriously.

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