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The Rack & Shelf Labels (UK) Limited consultation service offers  customers the key foundations to embarking on effective and successful warehouse design projects.

Rack & Shelf Labels Initial Consultation

The design of a warehouse location map and the subsequent location labelling specification, can be one of the most confusing and labour intensive aspects of any warehouse design project.

The cost of a location labelling solution contributes to a fraction of a total project budget, yet any mistakes made during the location labelling process can have disastrous consequences for the project, and the future success of the warehouse operation.

Warehouse Labelling Specialists

We are experienced in the many factors and variants involved in labelling a warehouse.

It is absolutely vital to the success of the project implementation that full consideration and evaluation is given to each element of the solution.

Warehouse Labelling Considerations:

  1. What location system should be used? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each option? Does the system allow for the future expansion of the facility or locations within the racking and shelving system?
  2. Is the location system compatible with the warehouse management IT system?
  3. Are barcodes necessary, if so what type and to what quality standard? How will this affect the performance of the barcode scanning equipment?
  4. What barcode scanning equipment is being used, and how can the design of the label improve its performance?
  5. Should the use of check digits be considered, what are they and what effect will they have on accuracy levels?
  6. What substrates are available, and what risk to the project and operation do inferior products subsequently cause?

These questions are a small sample of the issues that need to be addressed when considering the perfect location labelling system.

Complete Project Confidence

With proper evaluation it is these factors, married with our superior industry knowledge, which make a significant contribution towards ensuring our customers achieve effective warehouse operations.

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