Warehouse Floor Signs

Hard wearing floor signs and floor graphics provide health and safety advice and general information for warehousing and distribution centres.

Warehouse Floor Signs

Warehouse floor signs help to reinforce essential safety or information notices in the warehouse environment. Displaying floor signs and graphics is a highly successful and effective way of communicating general reminders.

Our standard designs are universally recognised because they follow British and international standards, complying with legislation that governs the way safety signs are designed to ensure continuity.

Floor Signs

Standard Floor Signs and Floor Graphics are available to purchase directly from our on-line store:

Floor Graphics & Floor Signs – Rack & Shelf Labels (UK) Limited (rackandshelfshop.co.uk)

In addition to standard floor signs we have the facility to produce bespoke Floor Signs and Graphics.

Hard Waring Floor Signage

Our Floor graphics and Floor Signs are produced from tough materials and are designed to be hard wearing and to withstand the heavy traffic found in warehouse and retail environments.

We recommend that floors should be cleaned carefully prior to applying floor signs. Any dirt, debris, moisture or dust will act as a barrier between the floor and the adhesive, which will have a direct effect on product performance.

In addition to the floor signs we also install floor stencils. Our floor signage and stencil designs are made to order to suit individual warehouse requirements.

Floor Signage & Stencilling Features:

  • Directional arrows
  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Logos
  • Speed Limits
  • Health and safety warnings

For more information on our warehouse floor signs and installation services, call the team on 01925 812 817 or get in touch via the website. We’re here to help.

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