Floor Labels

We supply options for robust warehouse Floor Labels which are applied directly to the floor in the absence of a standing structure.

Warehouse Floor Labels

The two main types of floor label we provide are:

Plastic Floor Labels

Our durable floor labels are made by encasing the base material in plastic. A high strength adhesive is then applied to the back of the label enabling the plastic label to adhere to the floor.

The design options for Plastic Floor Labels include:

  • Alpha/numeric eye readable locations
  • Barcodes
  • Check digits
  • Arrows
  • Colour coding
  • QR codes
  • Logos

Due to the harsh nature of the warehouse environment positioning of these labels is very important. Any effort made to reduce the likelihood of the floor labels being driven over or hit by a pallets or stillage will ultimately maximise the life span of the labels. It is essential that the floor labels are applied to a clean and dust dree floor.

Floor Embedded Labels

Floor Embedded Labels are the most long term solution available on the market, providing a permanent solution for identifying a floor location. The warehouse floor is ground down by approximately 3-4mmto create an opening where the metal label is fitted into. the space around the label is then filled with an epoxy mortar making it flush with the floor.

This type of label is normally designed with a barcode/QR code and/or an eye readable location, but other options are available.

Floor Labelling Solutions

In addition to warehouse labelling solutions we also offer consultations, design and planning, and installation services to help our customers with their warehouse projects.

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