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Floor Labels

Warehouse floor labels are the most abused and damaged labels produced by us. They are driven over by forklift trucks, ripped by pallets, soiled by dirt and rubber and pulled from the floor. So... we make them as tough as possible and as cost effective as modern production methods allow.

We appreciate that floor labels are sometimes the only method of warehouse identification for customers, so we offer a range to help meet critical requirements. An indestructible floor label is yet to be found so we take the approach that a cost effective, consumable item must be a real consideration and available to our customer.

Plastic Floor Labels:

The plastic floor label is a specially constructed product that is tough and flexible at a price to help make them a consumable item. The label is a 5 layer structure made up of print, the base material, two protective coatings back and front, and a high strength adhesive that is incredibly strong when applied to a cleaned surface.

We produce full colour floor labels with barcodes, alpha, numeric and alpha-numeric variable data, which is a speciality of ours and ensures that we meet the basic needs of a modern warehouse and distribution facility.

We believe a plastic floor label should be considered as a consumable item. We produce this very tough label to withstand a high degree of damage and always advise it is positioned on the floor so impact with forklift truck wheels and pallets is avoided if possible, to help prolong their performance and life.