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Warehouse Floor Marking

At Rack and Shelf Labels we recommend the most suitable product and service to match our customer’s objectives and budgetary constraints. Floor marking is a prime example of where we use experience and innovative design to help reduce costs, minimise disruption but maximise effectiveness.



Utilising the following types of line marking we show how we help find the best design to suit your facility and your project while others concentrate on selling an installation.

Pedestrian Walkways

Description: A run of floor marking often the length of a building used to identify areas where pedestrians may walk in the warehouse.

  • Alternative 1: One block coating of paint to create the most visually impacting design of warehouse floor marking.
  • Alternative 2: Two 100mm wide ‘tram’ lines, reducing installation time, materials and the cost of an installation.
  • Alternative 3: Two 100mm wide non-continuous ‘tram’ lines, used to show boundaries on a map and needing less material and time to install and so a low cost system.

Pallet Lanes

Description: Storage lanes positioned in front of dock bay doors, in distribution centres and large warehouses. Some companies call them marshalling and staging lanes, one for goods in and one for goods out.

  • Alternative 1: Two lanes made up of 3 long lines and numerous short ones to identify a pallet position. This is the most time consuming to install, however it maintains discipline in pallet alignment so space is always maximised.
  • Alternative 2: Two lanes made up of 3 long lines and two short ones to show ends of lanes. This is most common used by FMCG facilities and is less intensive to install, making it more cost effective.
  • Alternative 3: L and T shapes to denote the corner boundaries of the pallet position. This takes the same amount of time to mark out, however there is less of it so preparation and application of the marking material is quicker which provides a low cost alternative.

Using the UK's leading suppliers of industrial paints we are not limited to one supplier and type. Our choice of colours is almost endless and we advise customers considering a coded warehouse floor marking system to use as few colours as possible to help keep their warehouse line marking simple and effective.

Our installation services cover the UK and can run in conjunction with our warehouse labelling installations. If you would like to discuss a warehouse line marking project please feel free to contact us.