Warehouse Walkway Safety Netting

To allow safe travel for staff, keeping them away from fork lift traffic, a walkway route was designed to pass under the roller bed racking through 3 walkway tunnels.

Warehouse Walkway Safety Netting
Warehouse Racking Safety Netting
Safety Netting For Warehouse Walkway
Safety Netting In Warehouse
Warehouse Racking Safety Netting

Warehouse Netting: Background

Our partner supplied a pallet racking storage solution for their client at a new warehouse in Tamworth. This solution comprised of conventional pallet racking together with racking with a roller bed system. To allow safe travel for staff and to keep them away from fork lift traffic at this site, a walkway route was designed to pass under the roller bed racking through 3 walkway tunnels that measures approximately 4m wide x 60m long.

Warehouse Netting: Project Outline

The end user had raised the important point that, as there is movement of pallets on the roller beds, there is a potential risk of pieces of wood falling from the above roller bed on to passing staff using the walkway tunnel below. The partner approached us with this challenge and asked us to come up with a solution that would reduce this risk.

Warehouse Netting: Solution

We returned to the partner with the concept of using a tension cable system that would be attached to the pallet racking structure. This would act as grid and an anchor onto which a net product could be attached. The net had to have a small mesh to prevent the wooden splinters from falling, but not so small as to reduce the natural light that existed. We therefore worked on a 2.3mm net which keeps the net lightweight but with a reduced 25mm x 25mm pocket to achieve this. We then added a further level of 1mm net to further ensure a safe system using colour match cable ties every 150mm approximately.

This solution all had to be designed and installed in order that the end user could start using the system to a tight deadline meaning that we had to work quickly and efficiently. We were delighted to overcome the end user’s initial problem all within the time parameters that were set.

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